“Come, let us have some tea

and continue to talk about happy things.”

quote by Chaim Potok

WELCOME! Good times are always shared when a cup of hot tea is served! I hope to share current news about family and friends as well as share information about our family’s history.  And although we are at a computer, maybe we can “chat” just like we’re sitting around the table sharing a cup of tea!

A number of years ago I received boxes of photographs, papers, school papers, newspaper clippings and more from both the Howlett and Beggs sides of my family. A quick search on the web revealed a site called Ancestry.com. And I was hooked on discovering more about our families.

Over the years I have compiled a FAMILY TREE with almost 2000 people and over 180 photographs representing family from as far back as the 1400’s. I have “met” distant relatives who have shared tips, pictures, stories and even love letters from the 1840’s. I have found stories of joy and sorrow. There are tales of witchcraft and massacres. Ancestors left Europe for dreams of something better in the New World. Some invented machinery and held patents still used today. Towns from the northeast all the way to Illinois list family names as founding fathers.

It has been a journey for me. When I look at a photograph or see a signature or read about a soldier in a war…..I am made aware of what has come before me so that I might be here.

I hope this blog will make it easier to read the stories about the people we claim as FAMILY.